Marielle Devereaux


Queer Kickboxing Club still thriving despite pandemic smackdown

(Original photo essay published on Chicago Talks.)

G Silverstein Tapp holds out their fist, covered in rainbow hand wraps.
Silverstein Tapp holds two ropes at their apartment gym for exercising.
Silverstein Tapp grips a barbell with green ends to lift it from the gym floor.
Silverstein Tapp stretches against the white gym wall after exercising, gym equiptment can be seen across the room.
Silverstein Tapp uses wipes to clean weights after using them.
In their kitchen, Silverstein Tapp props their phone against a can of soup to film themself squatting for a workout video.
Silverstein Tapp and Friday Farraday practice kickboxing together in a park near a tennis court on a sunny afternoon.
Silverstein Tapp wraps Farraday's hands so they don't hurt themself while training.
Aarin Ahart films Farraday and Silverstein Tapp bumping gloves during their workout in the park.
Silverstein Tapp laughs as Farraday throws a punch during their sparring in the grassy park.
Faraday, Silverstein-Tapp and Ahart all wear masks, resting against a fence in the park.

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